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Whether you’re looking for a place to hold your next business meeting, a private event space, or a venue for a performance we’ve got a room for you. If you are interested in booking an event space or have additional questions please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

the riddermark

Some people shy away from their unfathomable geekiness, but we’ve embraced ours wholeheartedly by naming everything we possibly could after something from Tolkien, Lewis, or Rowling. The Riddermark is our smallest meeting room, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit; like The Little Meeting Room that Could. It’s perfect for book clubs, counseling sessions, or small business meetings. You could talk about the projections for next quarter at the office, or you could send those projections through the roof at The Riddermark. Meetings aren’t typically the best part of a person’s day, but with Inklings on the other side of the wall, they may start to be.

  • Capacity: up to 8 People

  • TV Available

  • Beverage Packages Available


the Wardrobe

Let’s be honest, we all feel a little disappointment when we pull a coat out of the closet and don’t feel any pine branches brushing against our hand. The Wardrobe doesn’t solve that problem but it does offer an impressive place to get together with a group of friends. The Wardrobe is everything you’ve always wanted in a meeting room. It’s tasteful, spacious, and, of course, satisfies your desire to sit in a room named after a piece of furniture. And even though you won’t find Lewis’ winter wonderland in this wardrobe, we offer one thing Narnia doesn’t: Free WIFI.​

  • Capacity: up to 20 People

  • TV Available

  • Beverage Packages Available

the common room

The Common Room is where we bring the community together for a myriad of different events: Debates, concerts, art shows, movie nights, and, during a full moon, arm-wrestling competitions. The Common Room is available for local businesses and organizations to rent out for community events. It’s also available for private parties who want to meet somewhere awesome and otherworldly. When The Common Room isn’t hosting an event it’s open for Study Hours. So, if you somehow get tired of the gorgeous, British library interior of Inklings, find the hidden door in the bookshelf and come sit awhile in The Common Room (it’s kind of like Narnia, only it exists).

  • Capacity: up to 50 People

  • TV Available

  • AV System Available (Basic & Executive packages)

  • Beverage Packages Available


study hours

Studying for the big exam? Crafting a presentation for work? Writing the next great novel? When The Common Room isn’t booked for an event its open for you to come and stay as long as you’d like. That’s 1,600 square feet dedicated to your creativity and study time. Enjoy!

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