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Coffee & Tea Suppliers


Much like Frodo and the Fellowship, we found ourselves appointed for a special quest. Though ours lacked Balrogs and Uruk-Hai, its importance was unparalleled: to bring the best specialty coffee to our lovely city of Pleasanton. Our quest stood upon the edge of a knife, so we knew we needed to find the best coffee roaster around.

Our quest led us to Portland, Oregon (heard of it?), home of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Stumptown sources their coffee from farmers all across the world and they pay top dollar for their product. By paying their farmers fairly, Stumptown ensures that they are getting the highest quality coffee and they’re treating human beings like human beings, which is always nice. If the thought of underpaid farmers and awful work conditions puts a bad taste in your mouth you’re not alone. Stumptown gives you a great cup of coffee that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. You don’t need the great eye of Sauron to see why we’re proud to serve Stumptown.

Compassion Tea

“But C.S. Lewis was a tea drinker!!!”

Okay, calm down. We’ve been talking a lot about coffee, we know. Just because you don’t love coffee as much as we do doesn’t mean Inklings isn’t a place for you.

We are partnered with Compassion Tea, a locally owned, non-profit tea company.

At Inklings, we love a good story and a good cup of tea (just like Lewis). With Compassion Tea we get both. Compassion offers a wide variety of unique teas and their story is definitely one we would classify as good. 100% of their profits go to provide medical aid and education to rural African villages. You enjoy a delightful cup of tea and Africa gets a little healthier. That’s a pretty sweet deal. So while you’re sipping your Vanilla Bourbon St., why don’t you click on over to Compassion’s website and find out a little more about this awesome company.

Share Tea, Save Lives

Food Suppliers

Coffee and tea are pretty fantastic. But they’re even better when they’re washing down a delicious treat. That’s why we’ve partnered with some unbelievable local talent to bring you baked goods that’ll make your taste buds sing.

We’re bringing you pies, scones, award-winning cookies, and artisan toast that’s passed through the flames of a brick oven and lived to tell the tale. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, we have a smorgasbord of treats that will satisfy your craving. And if gluten does to you what a midnight snack does to a gremlin, fear not. We’re working with suppliers who have figured out how to extract all traces of gluten without compromising any of the flavor. We could tell you how they did it, but then we’d have to feed you gluten.

Our baked goods aren’t just about making your mouth happy; they’re about keeping your strength up. After all, Sam and Frodo would never have made it to Mordor without a healthy supply of Lembas bread.